How the System Works

A Unique Performance Improvement Process

In a world of information overload, leaders typically face a significant gap when it comes to understanding the needs of the people on their team. Leaders function with many assumptions about these needs and about their team members' perceptions and beliefs. The Management Feedback System is a time-saving communication tool that narrows this information gap in real-time. With minimal investment of time, the Management Feedback System delivers personal development and continuous performance improvement - for the manager and for the team.

Is it scary to let employees give us their opinion?
Of course it is ....
... but that horse has left the barn.

Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

The Management Feedback System is built around the belief that the individual is responsible for soliciting feedback regarding his/her own performance and career development. The Management Feedback System leverages the knowledge and skills of the leader's immediate team for work on real, current challenges. The leader's responsiveness to specific feedback about the team's needs builds positive relationships, trust, and open communication. In this way, the Management Feedback System strengthens leadership capability and improves team dynamics.

In today's highly complex, fast-paced global economy, busy executives require an efficient strategy for performance management. Unlike performance appraisal and 360 feedback review programs, the Management Feedback System is not designed for the evaluation of individual performance. The leader is in control of the anonymous survey results, the discussion topics and the action plan.

Do you believe that employee feedback is critical for enhancing a team's ability to achieve organizational goals? Do you lack a truly effective system for gathering constructive employee feedback and translating this feedback into beneficial action and tangible organizational results?

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With the Management Feedback System's Executive Free Trial, you get everything and risk nothing. You experience the full functionality and impact of the Management Feedback System's performance improvement process. You and your team will create a specific improvement plan linked to organizational objectives. The development and implementation of the action plan will engage your entire team on real, current on-the-job challenges.

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