Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes The Management Feedback System So Unique And Effective?
The Management Feedback System combines ALL of the following features making it a unique and highly effective leadership tool:
  • The manager, not a third party, controls the entire process including the confidentiality of the feedback results.
  • The anonymity of the team's feedback is protected.
  • In ONE calendar day, the manager receives critical information about the impact of his/her behavior on team performance.
  • Expert interpretations and recommendations, specific to the team's feedback, are provided to the manager.
  • Produces action plans linked to organizational objectives.
I Manage A Remote Team. Will The Management Feedback System Work For Me?
Definitely! Managers of remote teams find the Management Feedback System particularly valuable. The internet and mobile applications enable the survey to be competed from anywhere. You will use your favorite conferencing tool to conduct the team meetings that are the most important part of the Management Feedback System.
How Large A Team Is Required To Use The Management Feedback System?
You can use the Management Feedback System with any size team. To protect the anonymity of survey participants, three is the minimum number of team members (not including the manager) required to use the survey feature. If you have less than three reports, you can use the one-on-one dialogue feature included with your subscription to realize the benefits of the Management Feedback System.
How Is Anonymity Of The Team's Survey Responses Protected?
The Management Feedback System aggregates all of the team's responses into a single database. In this regard, think of each survey response as a rain drop in a pool of water. The Management Feedback System generates an average for each group of responses along with a range. If the team responses includes outliers, the manager is provided with this information but not who is the outlier. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information regarding the collection and protection of personal and non-personal information.
Has The Management Feedback System Been Translated For Use In Other Countries And Cultures?
The Management Feedback System soon will be available in Spanish, German and 38 other languages. Our primary goal in translation is to maintain the integrity and content of the original while ensuring cultural sensitivity and relevance to the local audience.

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