Corporate Uses for MFS

Employee Engagement Survey Follow-Up

Employee engagement and retention are repeatedly mentioned by senior leadership as critical organizational issues. Engaged employees are enthusiastic about the organization and the work they perform. Given the importance of employee engagement to organizational success, the use of employee surveys continues to rise. Many organizations are replacing the annual survey with more real-time measures of employee satisfaction.

The Management Feedback System addresses the key issue in employee engagement survey follow-up - identifying the actions that are most likely to increase employee satisfaction, retention, motivation and team performance. Remember that conducting an employee engagement survey and failing to adequately respond is worse than not conducting the survey at all. To learn more about employee engagement, we suggest

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Change Management

The Management Feedback System is built upon the belief that, regardless of the type of change being implemented, the critical success factor is the ability to win the buy-in of the people impacted by the change. The Management Feedback System provides process, tools and techniques that guide leaders to manage the people-side of change. To learn more about change management, we suggest

Creating A Learning Organization

The Management Feedback System facilitates, in a self-directed way, the sharing of knowledge among teams and enables the team to quickly and efficiently respond to rapidly changing conditions. This is the essence of Peter Senge's "learning organization." For more information about the learning organization, we suggest

High Potential Talent Management

An increasing number of organizations recognize the importance of structured tools and processes to develop high-potential talent to be the organization's future leaders. The Management Feedback System develops high-potential current and future leaders, and capitalizes on their contributions to achieve organizational goals. To learn more about high potential talent management, we suggest

Diversity And Inclusion

The Management Feedback System complements organizational values of diversity and inclusion. An organization's journey to be more inclusive centers around a critical but simple question - what actions are my organization taking to foster a work culture where uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, talents, capabilities, and ways of living are welcomed and leveraged for learning and for making better organizational decisions? The Management Feedback System, with its team survey and feedback meeting, enhances communication and builds trust. To learn more about diversity and inclusion, we suggest

Continuous Improvement

The Management Feedback System is about getting better all the time. To learn more about continuous improvement, we suggest To learn more about how the Management Feedback supports continuous improvement and corporate initiatives such as those mentioned above, take our free trial. No credit card or billing information is requested.

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